PHLIX is a community focused IXP. We're looking to work with regional network operators to help this grow connectivity options throughout the city.

PHLIX provides 1Gbps, 10Gbps, and 40Gbps ethernet ports on a carrier grade switching fabric.

Port Pricing:
1GbE: $250/Month + $500 setup
10GbE: $500/Month + $1000 setup
40GbE: $1250/Month + $5000 setup
Please note, there are a limited number of 40GbE ports available.


Looking to increase network performance, while reducing transit costs? Tired of backhauling traffic to New York or Washington DC, just to have it come back to Philadelphia?


Want to reduce your monthly Internet bill? Free up some room in your budget. Contact us now to start peering on PHLIX!

Facility Operators

Interested in having a PHLIX node within your carrier neutral data center? IXPs add a tremendious value to carrier neutral environments. Please get in touch!

We've received interest from...

Inerail (AS33031)
KINBER (AS14877)
Sungard (AS7381)
Razor (AS19529)
Broadview Networks (AS3385, AS14989, AS10933, AS12006)
Hurricane Electric (AS6939)
WCiT (AS62489)
XAND (AS17113, AS11383, AS17378)
Stage Networks (AS17170)
RCN (AS6079)
Dell Services (AS10848)
Port Networks (AS32829)

3 Additional networks (that requested to not be listed)

Please email us to add your organization!


Intersted in sponsoring? We're currently looking for switches, muxes, optics, and colo at remote sites.